Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ship tattoos are one of the traditional old school tattoos that first gained popularity in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Ship tattoos were originally worn by men, mainly sailors and fishermen. This maritime symbol symbolized their life on the open waters. Today, ship tattoos can be worn by both men and women. Ship tattoos may be worn for symbolic purposes or for decorative body art. Although ship tattoo popularity reached its peak decades ago, men and women still sport this classic old school tattoo.

Ship tattoos often carry metaphors when it comes to symbolic meaning behind the tattoo. Many men and women feel that the ship tattoo represents the good and bad in life. Although the waves are strong and rough, you will eventually find calm waters. We all go through our own troubles and trials. Just like anything we face in life, trouble eventually passes. Some feel that the ship tattoo symbolizes these metaphors.

The ship tattoo can also represent our journey through life. We all have a past and history. Perhaps you are someone that is looking for an adventure in your life. The ship tattoo can symbolize this. The ship tattoo is very symbolic to anyone that depends on the seas. Many men and women depend on the oceans to make a living and support their family. Ship tattoos can symbolize this pride and honor.

Ship tattoos can be designed in various ways and also designed with a few different maritime symbols. Ship tattoos may include swallows, mermaids, stars, or anchors. To learn more on ship tattoo designs or more tattoos, be sure to follow the link below. As always, thank you for your visit.